Citadel abuse accuser says there are more victims

By Matt Smith


(CNN) -- A troubled youth who reported inappropriate sexual conduct by a counselor at The Citadel's now-defunct summer camp told a school lawyer that several other campers had similar encounters, documents released by the military college show.

"It only happened to me one time. I know there are about five other kids that experienced it a few times," the former camper, whose name is redacted in the documents, told The Citadel's general counsel Mark Brandenburg in a 2007 interview.

In that interview, the then-19-year old described how counselor Louis Neal "Skip" ReVille had shown boys pornography, masturbated in front of them and pressured them to join him during a summer five years before. The former camper said he gave in to the pressure, only to feel "completely violated" immediately afterward.

"After that incident, I kind of crossed over to the dark side," he said, according to a transcript released by The Citadel this week. "I started doing horribly in school. It led to drug use and you know -- cigarettes, alcohol ... and for the longest time, you know, I just thought it was my fault."

ReVille was arrested in October on charges of molesting at least five children in alleged incidents in the Charleston area, unrelated to The Citadel accusations. According to court documents, he has admitted guilt in at least three cases involving incidents between November 2010 and October 2011.

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