Eleven women hospitalised after their drinks were spiked with a date rape drug

Eleven women rushed to hospital after suffering overdoses at the same party may have had their drinks spiked with a powerful date rape drug, police have said.


Men at the party attended by Central Washington University students on Saturday night are being quizzed amid suspicion that the victims were specifically targetted because of their sex. All but one of the twelve people who fell sick were female.


‘It’s certainly a concern we have – that the women were targetted more than the men for possible nefarious reasons,’ said Roslyn-Cle Elium Police Chief Scott Ferguson.


None of the people who overdosed said they had been drinking heavily or taking drugs. Most said they had only one or two alcoholic drinks.


‘Their level of intoxication just didn’t seem to make sense,’ he said. ‘We don’t believe this was just a result of heavy drinking. Whatever happened up there wasn’t consensual.


‘We don’t know for certain what drug was used. We’re suspecting it was some kind of roofie or some type of ecstacy, but that’s yet to be known.’


'Roofie', short for rohypnol, is another name for flunitrazepam, a tasteless and odourless  sedative more commonly known as the date-rape drug because it also  causes amnesia.


Freshman Chris Unger told Seattle TV station KOMO that partygoers were ‘falling like flies.’


‘I carried about four people downstairs. We were pretty much worried about them passing out and stuff because they were not responsive. They weren’t doing anything.’


‘It was really scary,’ added Katelynn Allen, another freshman who was at the party but doesn’t drink. ‘Everything was going fine, the music was playing, people were having fun and then all of a sudden all the girls were puking everywhere. Girls were outside on their backs.’


The last of the hospitalised students was released yesterday afternoon.


Police said they have sent blood and urine samples to the Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory.

Officers were first alerted after a girl fell unconscious in the back of a car near the party and her friends dialled 911. They told police to go to the party in Roslyn where they found mainly female students in varying states of consciousness.


Guests told officers they believed a vodka bottle had been spiked with drugs.


The worst affected had used the vodka to mix drinks, while people who brought their own alcohol, drank beer or soda didn’t fall sick.


The party was held at a cabin owned by one of the student’s parents about 30 minutes from the university campus in Ellensburg. About 50 studetns attended, most of them between the ages of 18 and 21. One man was arrested after he was found having sex with a semi-conscious woman, but he was arrested after it was confirmed that she was his girlfriend.


The university said in a statement that it was ‘shaken and saddened’ by the incident.


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