80% of trans people suffer abuse at home, says Scottish report

A recent study reveals that 80 per cent of transgender respondents have experienced some form of abuse from a partner or ex-partner.


The findings were released by the LGBT Domestic Abuse Project and the Scottish Transgender Alliance, who conducted the research.


Figures show that nearly half of respondents – 45 per cent – had experienced physical abuse from a partner or ex-partner. 47 per cent said they had experienced sexual abuse from a partner or ex-partner.


However only 60% identified these behaviours as domestic abuse.


Despite the high figures, 24% of people had told no one about the abuse they had experienced.


Fergus McMillan, Chief Executive of LGBT Youth Scotland told PinkPaper.com the research highlights the reluctance of many transgender people in reporting abuse to the police and other services.


“The research shows the high levels of abuse and prejudice that many transgender people are facing in their relationships and homes and the negative reactions that they experience when they do seek support from services," McMillan commented.


Bernard Reed, OBE of the Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) today gave his reaction to the findings:


"GIRES estimates that there are nearly half a million people living in the UK who are gender variant in some way. However, most of them feel unable to reveal this due to fear of the negative reactions of family, friends and the other people they come into contact with in education, at work, in social settings and other places. This negativity is often based on a mistaken view that gender variance is a whim or a fantasy, whereas it appears likely to derive from a natural mismatch between the brain and the body that occurs early in a baby's development."


Mr Reed continued: “For those trans people who do make the decision to live in a gender role which conforms with their inner self, rather than that imposed on them at birth, this often results in violent attacks at worst, and verbal abuse at best."


"GIRES recently developed a Home Office funded system to record the number of transphobic incidents in the UK because hitherto most of these have not been reported to the police. Reports can be made in total privacy, either online or through completion of a manual form. The online system can be accessed via www.TCrime.net."


The LGBT Domestic Abuse Project and the Scottish Transgender Alliance are set to launch new research, at the end of the month, that looks specifically at transgender people’s experiences of domestic abuse.


A spokesperson for transgender charity the Gender Trust told DIVA: “We applaud the work that LGBT Domestic Abuse Project, the Scottish Transgender Alliance and GIRES are doing in highlighting the issue of the high levels of violence experienced by trans people – something which we have sadly known to be on the rise for quite some time."


(A PDF copy of the report is available for download here. To read the orginal article, visit this Pink Paper link.)

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