When we come together

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When we come together

When we come together as a movement for big events such as conferences and gatherings or even when we contract with people to inform and train us, do our choices reflect our commitment to anti-oppression?  Consider the following:

  • Who do we most often give the mic and spotlight to in our movement?

  • Who do we pay well in our movement?  

  • Who do we clap the loudest for at events?  How might that be influenced by the white-supremacist ideology that is injected into every facet of our culture?  

  • Who do we quote and refer to?  
Denise Loya
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Deepening our Conversations

When we do come together are we talking about and learning from each other about race, privilege and oppression?  Are we having conversations about microaggressions?  While in these spaces are we intentional about framing these conversations not only around direct services but also around how we as people, first and foremost, rather than as advocates or service providers are experiencing these things?   Creating space for such conversations validates our experiences and allows us to begin to heal by practicing radical self-love.