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Welcome to the Resources Room!

Share your go to resources on engaging bystanders here!

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Students Active for Ending Rape's Sexual Assault Activism Month

SAFER (Students Active for Ending Rape)is a national non-profit that empowers students to hold their universities accountable for having strong campus sexual assault policies and programming. This year we're asking student activists and their allies on campus to take direct action during April, 2011. Please visit our website to take the pledge and access our free resources to build a campaign for change. www.safercampus.org/saam Once registered you can access the Activist Resource Center - our online library of organizing resources including, "Bystander Intervention 101" at http://safercampus.org/bystander-intervention-101 One logged in you can also access our national database of college sexual assault policies to see what a school is and is not doing to prevent, reduce and respond to sexual violence on campus. If a school you are connected to is missing from our database, you can help us build it by encouraging students and recent alumni to participate in the Campus Accountability Project. SAFER also offers Change Happens, a free guide to student activists, low-cost on-campus trainings and free on-going mentoring in the Activist Mentoring Program (AMP!). For more about SAFER and Sexual Assault Activism Month please visit www.safercampus.org

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I recently did a presentation

I recently did a presentation for a statewide campus conference, using the NSVRC 's Engaging Bystanders in SV Prevention book. This is a great tool, easy to read, and contains activities as well.
And now we have the online course!

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I often use it as well. What

I often use it as well. What I particularly like about it is that it takes a broad community approach. Lots of other resources are very college campus specific. I'm going to be presenting to a group of psychologists next month and plan to reference it heavily!

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Sexual Assault Activism Month

I really like that twist on SAAM. Activism is the driving force behind prevention. I hope that all engaged bystanders will grow to consider themselves activists in sexual violence prevention!

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