Research dilemmas

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Research dilemmas

Our tools for assessing bystander behavior and intervention are still pretty limited. Most evaluation studies look at attitude change. Yet recent research suggests that the factors that predict attitude change aren't always the same as the factors that predict behavior change. How do we use this information in our work?

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Are there recommended tools to measure behavior change or skills acquisition? I know that so much has to be tailored to specific programs, but are there promising tools for bystander behavior and intervention?

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interesting online learning tool

This online learning tool discusses beginning a program, some about evaluation, but not a whole lot.

A Case Study: Creating a Campus Violence Prevention Program
This recorded session reviews the principles and process of beginning a violence prevention program on a college or university campus.

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This is a post from Dr. Banyard.
I have a couple of suggestions. We have a number of tools that we have developed to measure aspects of bystander intervention. Specifically we have measures of bystander confidence, willingness to help, behaviors, readiness to change, pros/cons. These were designed to work best in relation to sexual violence, relationship abuse in college campus environments.
Also - the special issue of Violence Against Women that is coming out in June will feature program evaluations of several programs around the country. They each use some different measures of skill acquisition so that will be a helpful resource.
If you want to get copies of our measures we can email them upon request. Please send emails to my colleage Mary Moynihan at

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It is exciting that the June

It is exciting that the June Violence Against Women will feature results from research in many bystander programs - what programs are being featured?

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Green Dot/ SEEDS MVP Bringing

Green Dot/ SEEDS
Bringing in the Bystander
Know Your Power
Berkowitz's men's program
Foubert's men's program

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