04/03/2015 (All day)
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~~Join an ONLINE day of action for the 4th annual International Day Against Victim-Blaming, commemorating and continuing the amazing ongoing international actions against sexual violence and victim-blaming. Start conversations, post pictures, offer support, make a statement, share a resource. Speak out against the intersections of discrimination and shaming that survivors face as women who were 'asking for it', people who were drunk, as trans* people and queers, as sex workers, as prisoners, as migrants, as people of colour, as people living with disabilities, as men, as children, etc. Victim-blaming comes in all shapes and forms and we need to fight back against all of it to support survivors in our communities. Take up space on April 3rd to fight for the right to live free of sexual violence and victim-blaming. Because survivors deserve our support not our scrutiny. #IDAVB #EndVictimBlaming


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