SAAM 2012 Events List Cover

This events list provides descriptions of Sexual Awareness Month events and activities. Suggested events can be used to plan and host events that encourage community participation and raise awareness.  






SAAM 2012 Resource List CoverThis four-page resource list provides links to other websites, organizations, and materials for more information on healthy human sexuality.







This Special Collection addresses sexual violence against military service members, defines Military Sexual Trauma (MST), and offers resources (including information on current policy, procedures, legislation, and litigation) to support the prevention of and response to sexual violence as it impacts service members and veterans in the United States.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Resource List Cover

This document provides a list of publications, websites, and prevention organizations that address child sexual abuse prevention.

Browse the rest of the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Information Packet: overview, technical assistance bulletin, technical assistance guide on programs for adults, technical assistance guide for programs for children, resource list, annotated bibliography, research brief, and online special collection



This two-page document offers information on curricula and manuals, on-line training, special journal editions, videos, and websites.

Browse all contents of The Sexual Violence in Later Life Information packet. This packet was developed by Holly Ramsey-Klawsnik, Phd, in conjunction with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. The packet includes a fact sheet, technical assistance bulletin, technical assistance guide, resource list, annotated bibliography, research brief, and an online collection.
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