Geeks for CONsent rock!

So many people that I know and love know and love comics! That’s why I’m not surprised that an engaging group of geeks are pushing the famed Comi-Con organizers to adopt stronger anti-harassment policies. As the creators of an enlightening video describe,

“Sexual harassment at comic conventions has been documented online for the better part of a decade, but most mainstream convention circuits still do not have formal and thorough anti-harassment policies.”

Geeks for CONsent know that this fun-loving group can do better. They’re calling for stronger policies and consistent enforcement of those policies. It’s important with anti-harassment policies that a combination of top-down and ground-up responses join together to craft new norms. Examples like this one remind me how simple it is to make the first move in changing a culture—any culture.

It’s too common that we experience violent behaviors and norms in the spaces where we’re just trying to have fun. I applaud this initiative by Geeks for CONsent and encourage more people to take back their fun. If you have an initiative to help change norms or policies to achieve a space that no longer condones rape culture, let me know about it. I’d love to highlight more activities like these and acknowledge the good work you’re doing. 

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