Summer Reading Journey!

At this point, perhaps the books I mentioned in my last posting have all been read or there wasn’t anything that jumped out at you. Never fear. The NSVRC library has many more children’s books and healthy sexuality books to go around! So, as boredom and the dog days of summer loom on, my hope is that you might find interest in a friendly book. You can even sit outside and get some sun while enjoying a little piece of heaven. Yes, books are indeed that delightful. So, as you roll your eyes at my enthusiasm check out these next books and enjoy!

Feeling Safe by Autumn Grace and Maggie Gould is a truly fantastic resource. It is an autobiographical story from a courageous girl who experienced sexual abuse and was able to get help and healing. The book contains a section on Where to Find Help, which is a listing of phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada. It also has three sections on What Parents Need to Know that includes Understanding Sexual Abuse, Teaching Your Child How to Stay Safe, and What to Do if I Learn My Child Has Been Sexually Abused

Let’s Talk About Taking Care of You: An Educational Book about Body Safety for Young Children by Lori Stauffer and Esther Deblinger is an interactive book written for children ages 2 through 6. The information is presented in a gradual fashion so that the child can absorb it slowly. The book contains topics on feelings, body parts, types of touches, and what the child can do. There are also helpful tips on each section provided at the end of the book. Another great resource is Know What? Your Body is Yours! by the Channing Bete Company. This workbook helps children identify inappropriate touches and behavior. It also provides a simple definition of body parts and teaches children how to respond to unsafe touches. Features interactive exercises, and comes with a leaders guide and web site access to supplemental material for students and teachers. 

One more book that I think is a fantastic resource is Will the Courageous: A Story about Sexual Abuse by Amy Barth. In the story, the reader is introduced to Will. He is an energetic six-year-old who is sent to a babysitter’s home after school once his mom starts working. Nana Winnie is fun to be around and she really listens to the children. One day her nephew Perry comes to visit. Perry is fun to be around, but soon makes Will uncomfortable when he touches him. Soon Will starts spending time in his room, acts like he’s sick and doesn’t want to go to school. Will’s parents take him to the doctor and Will tells his doctor what happened. He is then referred to a child advocacy center where he learns that what happened is not his fault. He is also taught ways to handle situations like that in the future.  

All of these resources mentioned would be and are useful tools for working with children. The NSVRC library is filled with so many items that it would take me years to mention them all in this blog. However, I would encourage everyone to check out these items and the many others we have to offer. So, as summer restlessness is in full swing, instead of turning on the TV for the millionth time, take a book outside and let the journey begin! 

Want to find out more? Check out the NSVRC Library today! 

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