New SAAM products and online store

New SAAM Products NSVRC has a new online store, and it’s stocked with products for Sexual Assault Awareness Month and beyond. For years NSVRC has offered promotional materials to support prevention and awareness efforts. These items are designed to be low cost tool for reaching audiences with a tangible reminder of our work to engage individuals and communities in sexual violence prevention. Product ideas are inspired by feedback from the field, and the SAAM team at NSVRC researches and test items for quality control. As you plan events, there’s likely a product that’s a perfect fit for your outreach efforts. 

Put a teal ribbon on it

The teal ribbon symbolizes sexual violence prevention, and this symbol is featured on many of our products. From classic lapel pins and awareness bracelets to flash drives, we've got your teal covered.

Share the message of healthy sexuality

Eye-catching items can also be a valuable takeway for audiences to learn about healthy sexuality. Message magnets are our favorite way to get the conversation started. There's also customizable stickers in English and Spanish as well as dry-erase boards with bilingual healthy sexuality tips. 


Ear buds are our latest product for our current campaign focused on young people. There's also notebooks, water bottles, and environmentally-friendly bags that can help you spread the word about SAAM. Search keyword SAAM for a full list of related items. 

Support survivor services in disaster zones

My personal favorite of our store items is the Cards the Care collection. These beautiful greeting cards will not only encourage you to reach out and connect with others, but 100% of proceeds support the Relief Fund for Sexual Assault Victims in areas affected by disasters. 

Do you have ideas for future products or feedback on items from our store? We would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.