Have yourself a gendered little Christmas: Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I’ve decided to write out my very own grown up Christmas list, focusing on the things that I believe will help to end gender violence.

Safe, affordable housing for every person

An end to racist aggressions, big and small

Access to the quality medical care that every person needs, and the ability for all people to make their own informed medical decisions

Media messages that promote hardiness, rather than harsh self-perceptions

Respectful communication, even when we disagree on an issue

Improved parity for military service members who experience sexual violence (check that one off! Early Christmas present:)

Love, acceptance and affirmation for people of all sexual and gender identities

Peace, which will also lead to an end to rape as a weapon of war

Little girls who know they can be engineers

Little boys who know they can be pre-school teachers

Equal pay for engineers and pre-school teachers, and any men and women who decide to be either

Honoring every person as a person first, regardless of their ability status

I don’t want to be greedy, but this is really just a start. Thanks a bunch!

Love and cookies,



P.S. Please feel free to add to this grown up Christmas list for gender justice!

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