It's bigger than Marysville

Eons ago in the beginning of 2013, I wrote a blog post about the Steubenville case. I lamented that 2012 was not the end of rape, and hoped beyond hope that it would be 2013. Alas, there’s still rape. Even more frustrating is the fact that another football town failed at responding to the needs of a victim of sexual violence.

Now, Marysville, I feel the need to have some words with you. When law enforcement officers allegedly make decisions about dropping cases based on political favors instead of seeking accountability, your criminal legal system has failed you. When your residents worry more about the future of alleged rapists than about the well-being of current and future victims, your priorities have failed you. When your employers fire the parents of victims for coming forward, your workplaces have failed you. When your youth bully a young girl for being raped and reporting it…well, you get the idea.

I am simply over it! But while my first reaction was to get mad at a town (perfectly sensible right?), the fact is, Marysville isn’t unique. It’s not the first town to fail people who experience sexual violence. It’s not going to be the last. It should still be ashamed of itself. As should all of the other cities, towns, burgs, and boroughs out there that continue to support rape culture. It’s time to start shifting the shame and blame for sexual violence away from the only people who have absolutely no responsibility for it, and start directing it at our ailing violent culture. #disappointed 

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