A new report: Prevention in Latin@ communities

Jill Laster is the language access specialist for the NSVRC. (view post in Spanish)

Assessment-infographicWe are excited to announce that the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) has released its first comprehensive report detailing advocates’ needs related to sexual violence in Latin@* communities.

The report is detailed, but we have created several additional documents to make sure it is accessible. Here are the documents you can find on our website:

-The full report with and without appendices (English/Spanish)
-The executive summary (English/Spanish)
-An infographic (English/Spanish)
-A news release (English/Spanish)

We also invite you to join us for two webinars – one in English and one in Spanish – discussing the needs assessment and its potential uses and implications at local, state, and national organizations. Register for the English here and Spanish here. The Spanish-language webinar will use a storytelling approach.

Have questions? Contact our language access specialist, Jill Laster, at jlaster@nsvrc.org in English or Spanish.

*NOTE: The “@” symbol is used to represent the feminine and masculine versions of words and to ensure gender inclusion.

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