Sneak peek: SAAM 2013

Can you believe it’s December? I can, but only because SAAM had a November to remember! The fall is always one of the busiest times of our campaign planning schedule, but it’s also when we start to see the tangible evidence of all our planning efforts. Within the month, drafts became resources, proofs became products, and designs moved into production. What does this all mean? It means I can share a sneak peek of what will be online and in mailboxes this January for SAAM 2013.


SAAM 2013 resources will once again be available on a resource CD and online. I know what you are thinking, “Aren’t CDs the red velvet cake of technology?” So 2009! What makes this resource CD is special is that it’s packaged in an informative brochure and launches just like a website. Sure, many of us are content to open our browsers, but the SAAM CD really is an easy-to-use, one-stop-shop for all the campaign materials. You can hold it, share it and you can tell from the pictures it’s a beaut! Request a free copy here:

The resources for SAAM 2013 include a set of materials on healthy childhood sexual development. These tools provide a great overview and practical look at this prevention approach. We’ve also included all of our healthy sexuality resources from 2012. These materials really echo this year’s theme: healthy skills and information support sexual violence prevention. Finally, there are a number of campaign planning materials to support local SAAM participation from event ideas, to tweets and posts, and even a sample letter to the editor. Many of these tools are in Spanish too. 


We’re also very excited to share the new promotional products for SAAM 2013. Our team surveys the field each year for input on what sorts of swag people are looking to share at events in their communities. The feedback led to the selection of notebooks, dry erase boards and stickers. Our team makes an effort to find affordable options that are made in the U.S.A. and eco-friendly when possible. This year we are excited to offer a 50% post-consumer recycled notebook, two-sided dry erase boards with bilingual facts on the back, and customizable stickers in English and Spanish. 

On the way in 2013

To close out the year, SAAM resources will soon be available online along with other updates to the English and Spanish SAAM websites. The 2013 Visionary Voice Awards submission process has also opened for state, territory and tribal coalitions. Finally, we are working on gathering tools and resources from partners across the country to highlight and share as April draws closer. With so much on the way in early January, you will be sure to see SAAM posts on Facebook and Twitter, as we can hardly contain our excitement. In the meantime, I hope the Sneak Peek is enough to have you getting in gear to join us in “talking about it!”