Honoring rich history of LGBT Activism

The NSVRC bloggers are very excited for LGBTQ History Month. Each year, October promises a month of valuing the history of the LGBT movement and the accomplishments of LGBT-identified icons. We see a distinct connection between heterosexist cultural norms and gendered sexual violence (McMahon & Baker, 2011). We’ve learned that there are gendered dimensions to violence perpetrated at all points on the continuum. Promoting a culture that values people of all sexual orientations and gender identities is a clear path to preventing sexual violence.

To celebrate this amazing month, we’ll focus a series of posts on the intersections of LGBTQ identity and sexual violence prevention. Some very cool guest bloggers will share their perspectives and highlight issues that were just too good to keep bottled up. The Preventionista plans on highlighting some great new resources and featuring a post on exploring the intersection of many forms of oppression, privilege and violence. The SAAM blog promises a post on cultivating healthy sexuality and developing a great campaign in the process.

I’m proud to say that some guest feminists are going to get right down to talking about some key issues. We’ll have a little bit of everything from rigid gender expression as a tool of maintaining a patriarchal, violent system to exploring lessons of resiliency and strength from the LGBT movement as a grounding for building stronger advocacy and leadership in the sexual violence movement.

To get geared up for a great month of celebrating accomplishments, history, and challenges overcome, be sure to check out some other organizations. To learn more about the intersections, check out the VAWnet collection of resources on the topic. GLAAD provides a great blog discussing the events and milestones highlighted during October. If your focus is on working with youth, GLSEN offers reports, curricula, and resources to blend with your prevention and outreach work.

Your feminist send off for October: Get out there! Learn stuff! Be a loud and proud advocate and activist for LGBTQ communities! Recruit an ally at your organization! There is so much to do, it’s hard to pick what to do first!