"Come Together"

www paperclipsI know I’ve said this before, but I am constantly amazed at all the great prevention work going on around the nation.  But I’m even more amazed by the people who are out there doing the work.    I’ve been reminded of this lately as I’ve been involved in several Prevent Connect webinars (if you have not been on one, you are missing out.  Go, right now, and register for the next one!).  I’ve had the pleasure of co-presenting on a series of webinars that Prevent Connect is hosting on our new Finding the Perfect Shade of Prevention resource packet.   And I love all the great chatter (via text chat) that goes on!   I’m now aware of programs and prevention initiatives that I would have never known about before.

What I love about these webinars is that they provide real-time peer to peer sharing and learning.  With just the use of a computer, preventionists can connect across thousands of miles (and sometimes an ocean or two!).  We know from our national prevention needs assessment work that one of the challenges faced by many preventionists is a sense of isolation – in their programs, their counties, and regions.   Sometimes preventing sexual violence at the local level can be lonely work.  At the national level, we are always looking for ways to bring folks together, and we work with state coalitions to support those connections as well.   Not only does this allow preventionists to share and gain knowledge and develop new skills, but it can also contribute to self-care and prevent burn-out.

I would encourage you to look around, reach out, and find ways to connect with others doing this work.  I know I’ve had a lot of “a-ha” moments when I’ve taken the opportunity to connect in person, online, or via phone with other preventionists.  

Please share with us how you are finding ways to "come together" with other preventionists by leaving a comment below.  For now, I leave you with this awesome video - a little inspriration from The Beatles.