Wrinkle Your Brain!

So, my favorite weather guy claims it’s going to be 90 tomorrow with humidity. Ok, no big deal, it is July after all. However, I wish someone would tell the overzealous stores and radio advertisers that it’s still summer and school is not back in session! That, and I still have a few more items from the NSVRC Library that I would like to share keeping in tune with my last two posts, Summer Reading Journey and Summer Reading for Kiddos.  If reading isn’t cutting it and you are searching for something else to pass the time before the stores suck you in, then let me guide you towards some useful videos instead!

One excellent video that is sure to educate as well as fill the boredom blues is You Are In Charge of Your Body by Human Relations Media. The goal of this curriculum, which includes video and print, is to protect young children from abuse and help them to understand what sexual abuse is. It also helps kids come to recognize it, how and who to tell, and it empowers kids to take charge of their bodies. The main message is that sexual abuse is not the child’s fault and that they don’t have to deal with the abuse in silence. The goal of the parent’s video is to teach them how to approach the subject in a proactive and empowering way.
Your Personal You: A Child’s Guide to Safety by ACT for Kids is an excellent resource that provides an introduction and overview of safety concepts and basic rights for children. The material is basic and children will gain age appropriate safety skills. The DVD is most effective when used with the workbook, My Very Own Book About Me, which was highlighted in a previous blog post. The facilitator’s guide contains information for teachers, counselors, and other professionals on how to view or use the DVD to get the most out of it.

A great resource for any adult, is Let's Talk: Adults Talking to Adults About Child Sexual Abuse by Stop It Now. The booklet is designed to help adults discuss child sexual abuse with other adults. Its goal is to help adults ask questions regarding what may be happening, find out what options are available and how to decide what actions to take. It also helps adults determine when to ask a professional for help.

These are just a few of the incredible, informative, educational, and inspirational resources that we have within the NSVRC Library. Instead of reading, check out one of our multimedia resources and continue to add a wrinkle to your brain. Although, school is not yet in session that does not mean that learning has to stop. The overzealous store announcements, signage and nagging, however, needs to take a hike, at least until August.

Want to find out more about our fabulous videos? Check out the NSVRC Library today!

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