From Pages to Practice: The Library Blog

By Melissa Powers

Melissa is a Librarian at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

Blog Description: A blog about the NSVRC Library that showcases new materials, authors and resources that highlight current issues pertaining to sexual violence.

Blogger Bio: I am and forever will be a book lover! Finding new books is like a treasure hunt for me. Please come along as we search together for new reads and resources to help end sexual violence!




Last Friday, February 14th, many celebrated a day of hearts, flowers and candy. Couples swooned and hearts filled with love. Yes, Valentine’s Day can be special for some, but to many it’s just another day.  The month of February however, is also American Heart Month. Most are probably aware that heart disease is the number one killer of men and women.


Library ComputerSo, now that you’ve been introduced and hopefully become inspired by the last post introducing the NSVRC library, I was hoping to take you on a tour of what you might find within the

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