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eLearning is a learning experience delivered through a computer and the internet. We include eLearning tools that are educational, interactive and related to prevention and intervention of sexual violence.

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Online learning, also known as e-learning, is a learning experience delivered via a computer and the Internet. The learning tools can be in the form of modules, quizzes, podcasts, slide shows, video and other learning methods. The NSVRC includes online learning tools that are educational, interactive and related to the prevention and intervention of sexual violence.

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National Sexual Violence Resource Center

This recorded webinar provides an opportunity to learn about Sexual Assault Awareness Month as a campaign tool for outreach in rural communities. For more information visit the Rural Project Page.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

This webinar recording discusses techniques for effectively prosecuting cases of incest while identifying and responding to the unique needs of child victims and families. It addresses the misperceptions about the dynamics of incest to help promote better response by victim service providers and other members of the system.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

This webinar recording will present information for criminal justice professionals on understanding not only the unique realities of aging and elder abuse but also how to contest stereotypes used to cast doubt on testimony.

View the webinar recording.

Just Detention International

This JDI webinar covers the juvenile detention system, focusing on the crisis of sexual abuse facing youth detainees. Expert presenters review the offenses that most often result in the incarceration of young people, and the types of facilities that are used to detain them. The session also looks at the newly released Prison Rape Elimination Act standards, which apply to youth facilities.

View this webinar.

Ali Mailen Perrotto for VAWnet, the National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women

In this podcast, the advocate consultant of the VAWnet Applied Research Paper titled Using Policies to Promote Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: What is Working? shares her thoughts on the research, trends, and recommendations discussed in the document.

Listen to the Audio

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC offers an interactive web resource on making evidence-informed decisions around violence prevention. The goal of evidence-based decision making is to bring a high standard of research evidence into the decisionmaking process while taking into account the contextual and experiential factors that influence decisions.

Access this resource.

Office for Victims of Crime

OVC provides a page of videos and resources discussing the role and impact of trauma from violence in the lives of children who have experienced victimization. These resources focus on increasing capacity to identify, respond to and treat this trauma in children.

View these resources.

Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs

This webinar for Community Sexual Assault Service Providers offers an overview of the legal systems’ response to child sexual abuse. It provides a road map for new advocates and a framework for more experienced advocates to better understand an advocate’s role and responsibilities relative to other child sexual abuse service providers.

Access the recording.

Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs

This webinar recording provides an overview of how to maintain and facilitate confidential services provided to child victims of sexual abuse in the context of legal advocacy. It discusses minors' rights to confidentiality and how that is impacted when a parent is also receiving confidential services.

Access the recording.

Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs

The goal of this training is to increase understanding of child development and child sexual abuse issues. Lucy Berliner provides information on child development specific to youth ages 3 - 12, discussing how a deeper understanding of developmental stages will aid in providing quality advocacy services.

Access the recording.


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