30,000 and Counting!

I am beyond excited to announce that on June 6th, the NSVRC Library achieved a milestone. On this extraordinary day, the library collection reached 30,000! As it stands now, we have surpassed a long awaited goal of reaching and going beyond this fantastic number of unique titles. These are titles that pertain specifically to sexual violence, prevention, and other related topics. It has and continues to be an honor to work for such a special organization and a truly remarkable library.  

The NSVRC Library has built a reputation of providing solid quality academic resources to advocates, researchers, practitioners, and the general public. When the NSVRC opened its doors in 2000 with a grant specifically based on the inclusion of a resource library, the NSVRC Library began. In the beginning the materials included in the library were acquired through a call to coalitions. The library began with grey literature, which coalitions either produced or acquired. We now house and have access to a number of scholarly journals and other academic resources.

The library catalog also includes materials housed at the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape’s library. These materials are available to PCAR center staff. Those staff members have the opportunity to set up an account where they are free to check out and use the materials specific to the PCAR library. We are also in the process of working with AEquitas The Prosecutors’ Resource on Violence Against Women to add their materials to the library collection.

Although my words are the ones put into this blog, I am just one representative of a truly talented library team. Our team consists of a Head Librarian, Research Specialist and a Cataloger. Together we form a solid unit that strives to make the NSVRC Library a continued place of excellence and I am humbled to be a part of it. Please join with me in celebration of this magnificent milestone and thank you to everyone who has been there to make it happen!     

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GREAT Job NSVRC! Thank you for supporting rape prevention for solong an so well!