Web-Based SAFE Training and Clinical Workshop

08/13/2012 (All day) to 11/13/2012 (All day)
Sponsoring Agency: 
International Association of Forensic Nurses

This project will create and implement an online didactic SAFE curriculum, taught over a 15 week period of time through a series of web-based modules and followed by a two-day clinical skills workship. The course will be offered four times between 2011 and 2012, allowing for a maximum of 75 clinician's in each training wave. Overall, this project will train 300 SAFEs over the cours of 15 months. All modules created for the course, including the clinical skills workship, will be abailable to selected trainees at no cost. A goal of this project is to serve the needs of rural and tribal communities with limited access to training resources. Additionally, this project is being evaluated by Wayne State University, and therefore contains a significant evaluation component and committment. For this reason, providers who have already completed a SAFE/SANE training and are currently practicing as a SAFE/SANE, including thos who have already achieved SANE-A certification, will not be considered for participation in this course.

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