Compassion Fatigue/Vicarious Trauma

08/19/2008 (All day) to 08/20/2008 (All day)
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Office for Victims of Crime Trainig and Technical Assistance Center

The goal of this training is to help victim advocates and other professionals who work with victims of crime build the skills necessary to recognize, intervene, and prevent stress, burnout, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue. Participants will learn information and skills related to:

-Sources and impact of stress and trauma.
-Indicators of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.
-Healthy coping.
-Developing resilience.
-Personal and agency care plans to minimize the risk of Compassion fatigue.

The training is designed for those who work in the field of victim services, as well as those in other fields who work with victims of violent crime. The training includes interactive exploration of self-care techniques, strategies for recognizing symptoms of compassion fatigue, and strategies managers can use to ensure balance and self-care for those they supervise.

This training is designed primarily for victim advocates who are volunteers or staff at victim services facilities. However, the broad range of information regarding compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma may also make the training useful for professional counselors, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and medical staff.

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