10th Conference of the International Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders (IATSO)

08/27/2008 (All day) to 08/30/2008 (All day)
Cape Town
South Africa

Preliminary Conference-Program
Baltieri Danilo Antonio, Guerra de Andrade Arthur ? University of São Paulo, Brazil ? Drug Problems Among Adolescent Sexual Offenders – Implications for the Management
Bergh Lorinda ? Department of Correctional Services, South Africa ? Development and Evaluation of a Treatment Program for Incarcerated Rapists in an South African Context and Understanding the Difference between Western and African Cosmologies Regarding World of Life Views on Sexuality and Rape
Blake Emily ? University of Kent, UK ? The implicit theories of rape prone men
Boer Douglas ? University of Waikato, New Zealand ? Gangsterism and Sexual Violence and Assessment of Risk and Manageability for Individuals with Developmental, Intellectual, or Learning Limitations who Offend
Cameron Edwin ? Court of Appeal Judge, South Africa ? Managing Sexual Offending in the Context of High Levels of HIV/AIDS Virus
Dosio Dario ? Department of Justice, Soweto, South Africa ? Sexual offender therapy in African Countries and the impact on Sentencing
Eher Reinhard ? Federal Documentation Centre for Sexual Offenders, Austria ? Implementing a National Sexual Offender Rehabilitation Program for Incarcerated Sexual Offenders
Fedoroff Paul ? Royal Ottawa Health Centre, Integrated Forensic Program, Canada ? The long and winding road: how the concept of lovemaps has changed
Gannon Theresa, Cortoni Franca, Beech Anthony & Becket Richard ? University of Kent, UK, University of Montreal, Canada, University of Birmingham, UK, Oxford Forensic Psychology and Research Service, UK ? Symposium on Women Sexual Offenders
Gölge Belma, Yüksel Sahika, Yavuz Fatih ? Istanbul University ? An Evaluation of Rape from Offenders’ Point of View
Hoffmann Klaus ? Forensic Psychiatry and Psychotherpapy Unit Reichenau, Germany ? Malignant Narcissism and Sadism – Boundaries of Forensic Psychotherapy
Kingston Drew A., Fedoroff Paul, Marshall William L. & Firestone Philipp ? Pornography’s influence on sexual offending: Important moderating factors ? School of Psychology, University of Ottawa, Canada, Royal Ottawa Health Centre, Integrated Forensic Program, Canada, Rockwood Psychological Services, Kingston, Canada
Kreston Susan, ? University of Blomfontein, South Africa ? Rehabilitation and Treatment of Young Sexual Offenders
Labuschagne Gerard ? South African Police Service ? Towards an understanding of muti-murders: Human Body Parts for Traditional Medicine
Lamott Franziska & Mörtl Kathrin ? University of Ulm, Germany ? Group-therapy with Sexual Offenders. A Qualitative Analysis of Videotaped Sessions
Lippi Jose Raimundo ? Centro Interdisciplinar de Orientação Psicopedagógica (Ciope) ? Childhood Sexual Offences: Neurobiological and Clinical consequences
Marshall Liam ? Rockwood Psychological Services, Canada ? Sexual Addiction in Incarcerated Sexual Offenders: Prevalence, Correlates & Issues
Marshall William ? Rockwood Psychological Services, Canada ? Reducing Risk for Reoffending by Sexual Offender Therapy
McAlinden Anne-Marie ? Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom ? The Effectiveness of Restorative Justice Systems
Miner Michael ? University of Minnesota, USA ? Substance Abuse and Sexual Violence
Mostert Jeromy ? Department of Correctional Services, South Africa ? Cultural Issues and Myths amongst Juvenile Offenders
Mvandaba, Veliswa ? Development and Care, South Africa ? Difficulties and Differences when Treating Adults who Rape as Opposed to Pedophiles
O’Brien Matt D., Marshall William, Marshall Liam, Serran Geris A. ? Rockwood Psychological Services, Canada ? The treatment of “categorical denial” in sexual offenders and The benefits of an “open” or “rolling” approach to running sexual offender treatment programs
Pfaefflin Friedemann ? University of Ulm, Germany ?The Benefits of Sexual Offender Therapy
Ross Thomas ? University of Ulm, Germany ? Research in Sexual Offender Treatment: A general Framework for Behavioural Assessment and Evaluation.
Shen Sheng-Ang, Ding Keng-Yuan, Wu Meng-Fang ? Dept. of Criminology, National Central Police University, Taiwan ? The Comparisons among Treated, Non-Treated Sexual Offenders, and General Population in Taiwanese Samples: What they have learned from therapy?
Studer Lea H. & Aylwin A. Scott ? Alberta Hospital Edmonton, Canada ? There are no Secrets in Long Term Treatment Efficacy: A Western Canadian Experience
Swinburne Romine Rebecca E, Dwyer Margretta, Finstad Deborah ? University of Minnesota, USA ? A thirty year follow up of recidivism in sexual offenders
Thandekile Magojo Sylvia? University of Natal, Durban, South Africa ? Rehabilitation and Treatment of Juvenile Sexual Offenders
Van Niekerk Joan ? Childline, South Africa ? Diversion: Bringing Children who Commit Sexual Offences into a Circle of Treatment and Care
Ware Jayson ?NSW Department of Corrective Services, Australia ? Treating sexual offenders within Multiple Prison & Community Sites: Putting theory into practice
Wood Jane L. & Barnett Georgia D. ? Department of Psychology, University of Kent, UK ? Agency, relatedness, inner peace and problem-solving in sexual offending: How sexual offenders prioritise and operationalise their Good Lives conceptions