SAFEta Victim Centered Care Series Sexual Abuse Behind Bars: Serving Incarcerated Victims

07/28/2011 - 2:00pm
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SAFEta Source
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Kim Day
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Since the 2003 passage of the Prison Rape Elimination Act, the issue of sexual abuse behind bars has gained attention among many corrections and government officials, and some community-based victim advocates and medical professionals. However, too often victims of sexual abuse in detention still face extreme barriers in receiving proper medical, crisis intervention, and mental health services. This webinar will address the unique dynamics of sexual abuse in detention and how medical professionals, victim advocates and community-based Sexual Assault Response Teams can address teh unique needs of incarcerated victims. The webinar will include information about the prevalence of sexual abuse in both adult and juvenile facilities, barriers to victims' recovery, best practices for providing crisis intervention and counseling to victims, and the importance of prison-based SARTs.

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