Ending Violence Against Native Women Training Institute

10/06/2008 (All day) to 10/10/2008 (All day)
Rapid City
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Sacred Circle: National Resource Center to End Violence Against Native Women

The Ending Violence Against Native Women Training Institute provides a strong foundation for advocates and their allies to work effectively within their own programs and within a coordinated response. The Institute begins with a two day plenary session to help build a shared understanding of the dynamics of violence against Native women and highlights coordinated community response initiatives. The last 2 1/2 days you will attend one of the
five workshops offered and one closing ceremony.

Plenary Topics include:
• Historical and Cultural Roots: Colonization and Violence Against Women
• Internalized Oppression
• Battering: Definition and Dynamics
• Federal Laws Impacting Native Women
• Effective Coordinated Tribal Community Response

Please register for one of the five following workshops to attend on days 3 and 4:
• Role of Law Enforcement: Law Enforcement Response to Domestic Violence.
• Role of Batterers’ Program: Batterers’ Re-educate Program Facilitation.
• Role of Criminal Justice System: Tribal Court and Prosecution Response to Domestic Violence.
• Role of Advocates: Advocating for Women Who Have Been Battered/Raped and their Children.
• Advocacy For Native Women Who Have Been Raped - NEW

If this is your first time attending the Institute, please consider attending the Role of Shelter and Advocacy workshop first to gain an integral understanding of effective response to violence against Native women and appropriate relationships with women who are battered. Men are encouraged to attend the Role of Batterers’ Program workshop to best understand their role as men in ending violence against women.
Karen Artichoker, Management Team Director - Cangleska, Inc.,
Director of Sacred Circle
Brenda Hill, Education Coordinator - Sacred Circle
BJ Jones, Chief Judge - Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe
George Twiss, Management Team Director - Cangleska, Inc.
Wayne Weston, Men’s Program Coordinator - Cangleska, Inc.
Elena Giacci, Anti-Sexual Violence Education Specialist, Sacred Circle
$350; On or after September 5th :$450

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