Supporting Children Living with Grief and Trauma: A Multidisciplinary Approach

12/10/2008 (All day) to 12/11/2008 (All day)
Los Angeles
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Office for Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Center

Learn about the unique ways that children experience grief and trauma, and how victim service providers and allied professionals can best serve children suffering from grief. Topics include:

Recognizing the signs of grief and trauma in children who either:
a) experience vicarious grief and trauma through the homicidal/suicidal death of a family member or by witnessing violence in the home, or
b) experience violence themselves and have symptoms of trauma and grief as a result.

Effective ways to intervene with children experiencing grief, especially if the child is reluctant to discuss the events.

How victim service providers can assist the families of children who are dealing with grief and trauma.

How victim service providers and allied professionals can work together to provide services to grieving children and mitigate against traumatized children moving into destructive and/or violent behaviors.

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