Sixth Annual Harry Frank Guggenheim Symposium on Crime in America

01/31/2011 (All day) to 02/01/2011 (All day)
New York City
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Center on Media, Crime & Justice, John Jay
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Cara Tabachnick
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This year's Harry Frank Guggenheim symposium at John Jay College focuses on America's courts and their increasingly critical role in advancing or standing in the way of criminal justice change. At both the federal and state levels, they are at the center of new, transformative approaches to public safety and justice delivery systems. At the same time, they are often the source of huge inefficiencies, backlogs and even corruption which (ironically) prevent the successful realization of such change. Symposium panels and speakers will also focus on other issues likely to dominate the conversation and policy debates (and coverage) of criminal justice in 2011 led by the continuing budget crisis that continues to affect local and state spending on public safety and corrections. Can we do more with less?
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