Due Process for Victims: Meaningful Right in Every Case

06/10/2010 (All day) to 06/11/2010 (All day)
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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Attend the only national conference focusing on rights enforcement!

This conference provides participants with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to provide effective legal representation to victims of crime.  This is an ideal opportunity for criminal justice professionals to meet, network, increase their knowledge of victim law, and foster the national conversation on the advancement of rights

This year's theme, 'Due Process for Victims: Meaningful Rights in Every Case,' is about securing fairness for crime victims. Fairness requires both procedural and substantive due process. This means that the law must be applied fairly to all, procedural safeguards must be afforded before a decision is taken that could affect a citizen's right, and each person's fundamental rights must be protected throughout the process. Conference participants will learn how to secure basic victims' rights such as: reasonable notice, victim voice, and privacy protections.

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