Pediatric Sexual Abuse Medical/Evidentiary Exam Training

09/22/2014 - 8:00am to 09/24/2014 - 4:00pm
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California Clinical Forensic Medical Training Center

Three days of classroom instruction and fourteen  hours of training are delivered on-line in collaboration with the the University of California Davis Extension Program.   Classroom training covers patient history taking from young children and adolescents, examining prepubertal children and adolescents, physical findings and their significance, documentation of findings, making an assessment,  and includes a full day of interactive hands-on skill stations related to performing the forensic medical examination.  The online program covers child sexual abuse epidemiology, mandated child abuse reporting requirements, service delivery models, developmental anogenital anatomy, use of the California Cal OES 2-925 Child Sexual Abuse Forensic Medical Report Form (for non-acute exams performed over 72 hours since the last incident) and the Cal OES 2-930 Child Sexual Forensic Medical Report Form (for acute exams performed within 72 hours of the last incident).

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