Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization Webinar

07/29/2014 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
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Washing Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs
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This training is geared towards individuals and organizations that see the need to take a bold move to improve the way our Movement provides services to survivors of color while also supporting advocates of color.  Sexual violence is greatly impacted and made more complex by all other forms of oppression, but issues of racism have long been swept under the rug within our Movement.  Many organizations promote anti-oppression work but aren't able to describe or demonstrate how they are specifically addressing issues of racism. Unfortunately, this lack of clarity can mean that survivors of color aren't receiving the services they deserve. It also means that advocates of color experience feelings of isolation and tokenism.  Many advocates want to do a better job around racial equity but don't know where to begin. This webinar will tell one organization's story to prioritize equity in an authentic, impactful way.   

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