Dynamics of Acquaintance & Non-Stranger Rapists and the Consent Defense

05/01/2014 - 8:00am to 05/02/2014 - 8:00am
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Jackson Police Department - SANE/SART/DV Program
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Capt. Mike Holt
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Presented by: Anne Munch JD (more presenter info)

Ms. Munch spent years working as a prosecutor in Colorado working with domestic violence and sexual assault units.  In addition to her work as a prosecutor,  Ms. Munch was the director of the San Miguel Resource Center, a domestic violence and sexual assault program the Telluride, Colorado. She also directed the Ending Violence Against Women Project, a statewide multi-disciplinary training and technical assistance project in Colorado for nine years.


Currently, Ms. Munch works full time providing training and consulting in the area of sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking.   She understands the complexity of crimes involving violence against women and the inherent challenges faced by victims. She is dedicated to improving our response to crimes of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

This training is offender focused and victim centered and will cover specific topics such as understanding trauma and its effect on how victims perceive, store and recall information, offender tactics; who they are and how they operate, understanding the legal definition of “consent”, alcohol and drug related sexual assault, false reports and interviewing victims.


 8:00-8:30          Administrative details

8:30-10:15         Sexual Assault; Naming the Unnamed Conspirator

10:15-10:30            Break

10:30-12:00       First Impressions and False Reports

12:00-1:15         Lunch

1:15-2:45          Sex Offenders; Who They Are and How They Operate

 2:45-3:00          Break

 3:00-4:30          Understanding Trauma and Successful Victim Interviews


 8:00-8:15          Administrative details

 8:15-9:15          Victim Interviewing Practical Exercise

 9:15-9:30          Debrief

 9:30-9:45          Break

 9:45-11:00        Intimate Partner Rape: Sexual Assault in the

Context of Domestic Violence

11:00-12:00       Tennessee Law Overview

12:00-1:15         Lunch

 1:15-2:15          Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault

 2:15-2:45          Meeting the Consent Defense; Winning Investigation and Prosecution Strategies

 2:45-3:00          Break

 2:45-4:15          Practical Ways to Improve the Sexual Assault Case


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620 Skyline Drive
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