Incident-Based Data as an Analytical Too to Address Policy

03/27/2014 - 2:00pm
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Justice Research and Statistics Association

Incident-based data reported by law enforcement capture numerous elements that can help uncover patterns about particular types of crime, crime victims, arrestees, and other factors. The knowledge provided from analyzing IBR data has contributed to strategic and operational changes in law enforcement agencies, the creation of more effective prevention programs, the establishment of educational programs for victims and advocacy groups, and changes in justice policy. The purpose of this webinar is to demonstrate the utility of incident-based data as an analytic tool to address matters relevant to policy. Presenters will discuss issues they have addressed using such data: how they analyzed the data, how the findings led to a better understanding of problems such as domestic violence and disproportionate minority contact, and the policy and/or strategic implications of their findings. They will also discuss the limitations of the data and possible future research to further explore the issue.Panelists: Max Schlueter SAC Director, Vermont Center for Justice Research Rob McManus SAC Director, Office of Justice Programs, South Carolina Department of Public SafetyModerator: Lisa Walbolt Wagner, Research Associate, Justice Research and Statistics Association

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