MaleSurvivor Weekend of Recovery

03/28/2014 - 8:00am to 03/30/2014 - 5:00pm
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Male Survivor
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Howard Fradkin
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614-445-8277, x11

Sequoia Retreat Center is the location of our first 2014 Level I Weekend of Recovery. Nestled amid 200 acres of majestic coastal redwoods, madrones and tan oaks, the Sequoia Retreat Center provides a beautiful setting in which each of you can take the risks necessary to make this weekend a significant one in your recovery.While at Sequoia, you will take part in California style meals with an emphasis on fresh, organic, and local foods. We'll have single, double, and triple cabins available for lodging. All of the cabins have hardwood floors, have been modernized, and each has its own private bathroom. There will be space for up to 28 men on this weekend. *Please be aware that Sequoia Retreat Center is not wheelchair-accessible, however all of our other sites used for Weekends of Recovery are wheelchair accessible. "Before attending the WoR, I was on a crash course with disaster. My marriage and family were bearing the weight of my abuse! Processing the experience makes me thankful the facilitators care so much! I felt like they guided me personally off the tracks of destruction! The deep dark hole of depression and self loathing have very little power over me now! Get to the next WoR, you'll leave the past where it belongs!"--Hope Springs alumnus, October, 2013 Registration Costs Fees start at $695 for early registration. Registration includes the costs of the facilitated Weekend of Recovery program, with our 8 skilled facilitators from the MaleSurvivor Weekend of Recovery Facilitator Team, plus lodging, 7 meals, and snacks. Bottled water, juices, tea and coffee will be available throughout the weekend. Scholarships are available on a limited basis to help offset registration costs. If you are seeking financial assistance to attend the Weekend, the first thing to do is consider your health insurance plan. Some of the larger carriers do provide reimbursement for specific interventions such as the Weekend of Recovery if you ask. Call the utilization management office of your insurance company and be sure to stress the weekend is facilitated by licensed mental health clinicians.But that's just the start of an exciting 2014!    MaleSurvivor has a full slate of Weekends, Trainings, and other events planned for 2014! All leading up to our 14th International Conference that will be held at the Newark Airport Marriott in Newark, NJ Oct. 31 to Nov. 2!We encourage survivors, mental health professionals, researchers, academicians and others to submit their work on a wide range of topics. Our call for Submissions ends February 10.   And for more information on bringing a MaleSurvivor training or a Dare to Dream awareness event to your campus or community, please contact Community Outreach Director Trisha Massa or visit the website

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