Domestic Minor Trafficking Victims (DMTV): Special Considerations

01/23/2014 - 2:00pm
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Olga Phoenix Project: Healing for Social Change
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~~January is a Human Trafficking Awareness Month. To commemorate and honor human trafficking victims all over the world, and to raise awareness about this particularly heinous crime against humanity, we are bringing you new webinar series: "Human Trafficking Next Door: Recognizing and Preventing Human Slavery in United States." Here is what you will be able to learn through attending these series:

  • What human trafficking looks like in the United States, including populations, venues, and barriers to identification;
  • Understand realities of human trafficking victims;
  • Learn to distinguish between different forms of human trafficking: such as sex, labor, and domestic servitude;
  • Will be able to identify special considerations for Domestic Minor Trafficking Victims special needs, reporting DMTV crimes, and learn promising practices from the field;
  • Identify intersections between human trafficking and domestic/sexual violence, know red flags, and indicators;
  •  Identify and utilize available tools and resources from the field of human trafficking prevention.


  1. Overview and Statistics
  2. Intersections between DMTV and Runaway/Homeless Youth/LGBTQ Youth
  3. Special Needs of DMTV
  4. Reporting DMTV
  5. Promising Practices from the Field
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