Communicating Your Primary Prevention Messages To The Community: Strategies For Crafting Effective Sexual Violence Prevention Messages

12/01/2013 - 6:00pm to 12/17/2013 - 6:30pm
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New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault
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Saswati Sarkar
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Sexual Violence prevention is not always an easy subject to talk about! When it comes to communicating our primary prevention messages to our community, we often wonder what would resonate the most with our audience.During this 1-hr webinar we will explore simple and creative ways of getting our prevention messages out to the community. Applying the techniques and strategies of advertising to sexual violence prevention, the speaker will guide us through the process of developing constituency–specific social media messaging, highlight some of the common pitfalls to avoid, and share tips on how to measure the impact of social media campaigns.Whether you are working on a flyer or poster-campaign for your neighborhood community,  or  creating social messaging campaign for youth on Facebook or Twitter, these simple, easy to follow steps will help you to craft effective primary prevention messages that would resonate with your targeted audience. Participants will  find out about : 

  • Tips and strategies on how to communicate the value of sexual violence prevention to the community
  • Messaging tactics designed to resonate with targeted audience
  • About successful primary prevention media campaigns
  • Simple ways of measuring the impact of their social media campaigns

 Presenter : Brad Perry, MS, MA worked at the Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance (VSDVAA) from 2000-2011 after starting the first male-focused sexual assault peer education group at James Madison University. In his role as statewide Statewide Prevention Coordinator for VSDVAA, he provided training and technical assistance to primary prevention initiatives throughout Virginia, consulted for the CDC, and edited the Moving Upstream newsletter. He currently sits on the national board of Hollaback!, and has authored articles published in Yes Means Yes, The Prevention Researcher, and Violence Against Women. Brad currently works fulltime as a Strategist at Internet branding agency, Create Digital.  To register for this webinar follow the link 

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