3rd Annual “Justice for Nene” March

05/28/2010 (All day)
North Canton

1:30-5:30 PM

Free Picnic, Music and Entertainment following the March Guest Speakers: Pastor Willie Timpleton, Pastor Allen Roper, Pastor Sheldon Brown, Robert D. Boyd Jr., Ryan Hodges.

Join us, as we raise awareness and support for a new law that would require monitoring devices in all school vehicles. Let’s work towards changing the laws to ensure the protection and safety of all children. If you can’t walk, bring your chair and a sign to the park.

Bernadine Wade’s seven year old, special needs daughter was sexually assaulted repeatedly as she rode the school van from her home in North Canton to school in Jackson Township. Although, the teenaged perpetrator who assaulted Ms. Wade’s daughter admitted to the crime, was found guilty, and served time in a juvenile facility, neither the Jackson School officials nor Jackson Schools Transportation Department officials will acknowledge that the incident even occurred. Why? Because legally, they don’t have to. According to Ohio law, school bus/van drivers are only responsible for transporting children to and from school. They are not responsible for what happens to the children while they are on the bus or van. Under this law, children are not protected against sexual abuse, assault, or any other violation while riding a school bus or van.

Contact Bernadine at 330-361-4129 or email at: hecaughtmytears@gmail.com

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