How to Make the Most of Your 2013 National Crim Victims' Rights Week Resource Guide

03/15/2013 - 2:00pm
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The national Center for Victims of Crime
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Liz Joyce
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See how colleagues across the country observe National Crime Victims' Rights Week, learn tips and tricks for designing memorable materials, and brush up on your social media skills. Join the National Center for Victims of Crime for a  free webinar on how to make the most of your outreach efforts during 2013 National Crime Victims' Rights Week and throughout the year, as Public Policy Director Susan Smith Howley and the communications team lead you on a "guided tour" of the 2013 Resource Guide.    Once you have registered, you will receive a link at which you can view and hear the webinar.*Please contact Joseph Kosten of the National Center at 202-467-8751 prior to registrationif you require a separate phone line to participate in this webinar.   

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