The Clean Slate Diaries

04/27/2013 - 7:00pm
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Renee DeVesty
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(315) 345-7982
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The Clean Slate Diaries was created to honor and recognize the path survivors of Sexual Abuse & Domestic Violence have walked. Currently, there are no races taking place in support of survivor recovery or color-coded products sold to recognize the intense courage and fierce determination required to overcome the trauma that remains from these crimes.

Clean Slate Founder and Executive Producer, Renee DeVesty, knew that finding your voice was an essential first step in the healing process.  A survivor of Rape and Domestic Violence, she decided to choreograph an evening of Art, Music, Dance and Spoken Word Stories that would inspire and empower survivors to break through the darkness of guilt and shame and allow their light to shine – their voice to be heard – using Art as a form of expression.

Produced by survivors, for survivors and held annually during April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Syracuse, New York, 2013 will bring together five area colleges and universities to raise awareness of the high incidence of sexaul assault and intimate partner violence among the college demographic, along with award-winning musicians, artists and dancers.

This event is a reminder that despite anything that has happened, a new beginning is always available to us – an opportunity to wipe away the stain and begin again.

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