Men Can Make A Difference

10/02/2009 (All day) to 10/03/2009 (All day)
Sponsoring Agency: 
Minnesota Men's Action Network Alliance to Prevent Sexual & Domestic Violence

This conference is organized to increase the number and strengthen the investment of men involved in the primary prevention of sexual and domestic violence. For too long men have stood on the sideline as women have taken a stand. Men have focused their energy on other pursuits. But the fact is, our daughters, our mothers, our sisters, friends, aunts and cousins and sometimes our brothers and fathers, have been raped, harassed and battered.

Men can change that. We can talk to our family, friends and community about preventing sexual and domestic violence. We can write letters to the local paper and politicians. We can join with women to change the organizational practices and social policies that create an environment that encourages sexual exploitation, violence and domestic abuse. We can stand up and stop it before it starts.

At this conference we will:
• Examine the unique opportunity and responsibility men have to
assist in the primary prevention of sexual and domestic violence
• Provide information and increase men’s ability to become involved
in primary prevention activities
• Provide tools for local and statewide organizing efforts

You will leave this conference with tools and information you can take
home to develop a community in which relationships are safe, healthy,
and equitable and consequently, sexual and domestic violence is stopped
before it even starts.

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