Transgender 101 Webinar for Anti-Violence Professionals

09/13/2012 - 3:00pm
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This fast-paced webinar is designed to assist victim service providers in better serving transgender survivors of sexual assault and other forms of violence.  Many providers are committed to serving transgender clients, but seek additional information in order to provide more competent and sensitive services.  This webinar will primarily focus on basic transgender concepts, but will include references and examples specific to victim service providers.  The components covered will include:  1) discussing the diversity under the "transgender umbrella;" 2) exploring social, medical, legal, and other options transgender people may pursue;  3) stimulating thought about which components of a transgender person's life might (or might not be) relevant to the roles crime victim professionals play; and 4) disseminating resources to support transgender crime victims and the professionals who serve them.  Pre-webinar worksheets will help guide participants during the webinar.  Ample time for questions and answers will help solidify materials learned.

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