Prosecuting Sexual Assaults and Related Violent Crimes

12/06/2009 (All day) to 12/10/2009 (All day)
Washington DC
Sponsoring Agency: 
National District Attorneys Association

Considered some of the most challenging cases to prosecute, sexual assault cases present unique situations for prosecutors, investigators and victim-witness personnel. Prosecuting Sexual Assaults and Related Violent Crimes provides thoughtful analytical and strategic analysis to present the most successful prosecution of these cases while offering investigatory and trial techniques to counter attacks on the science; DNA databases, CODIS hits and "CSI-expectations." Included in the program are topics such as: * Sexual Assault & Homicide Cases * Effective Presentation of DNA Evidence * Combating the Consent Defense * Crawford Consequences and Considerations * Precautions in Prosecuting the Press Case * Specialized Sexual Assault Courts * SANE/SART Strategies * Vicarious Trauma * Internet Predators * Ethics & Professionalism * Interviewing Child Victims