Serving the Whole Survivor: Using Holistic Healing with Rural Sexual Violence Survivors

08/14/2012 - 2:00pm
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Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault
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Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Holistic healing is a broad term that encompasses many non-traditional therapeutic practices, such as equine therapy, movement and yoga, horticultural therapy, and Somatic Experiencing. For too long, these methods have been a well-kept secret. Now, more and more of us in the anti-violence field are recognizing the benefits of using alternative healing modalities with sexual violence survivors. This 90-minute webinar will introduce OVW Rural Grantees to non-traditional support group and counseling services through the practice experience of three experts from the field. Shamecca Bryant, Emily Tofte, and Corinne Sanchez will discuss their philosophy on using holistic healing methods with survivors of sexual violence. Participants will learn ways to integrate these practices into their rural dual/multi-service agencies with support from board, staff and community members

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