Elders Matter: The Two Cents Tweet Up

06/11/2012 - 6:00am to 06/15/2012 - 11:59pm
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On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (6/15/2012) share your stories on why #eldersmatter. Twitter is a great way to spread the word about abuse in later life. Join the NSVRC for the week of June 11th in tweeting about World Elder Abuse Awareness Day by offering your story with the hashtags: #my2cents and #eldersmatter.


Sexual violence can happen to anyone but adults in later life are particularly vulnerable. Honor all elders by tweeting their praises. Why do #EldersMatter to you?


  • Did an elder teach you how to sew, change a flat tire, fly a kite, or about love?
  • Are you an elder? What do you do every day that makes life more meaningful for others?
  • Tell us about the time you went over to grandma’s house and you felt close to someone who had more experience than you.

Use Twitter to spread your message far and wide. Using the hashtags #eldersmatter &  #my2cents to track conversations is a way to effectively spread your message even farther. Add these hashtags to each of your messages to join the trend. For bonus points add #WEAAD to other tweets in the week leading up to June 15th with a link for http://1.usa.gov/K2oW1N which will direct folks to the Department of Aging website.


We are starting our campaign on Monday June 11th and hope to tweet with you all week!

If you have questions on why elders matter or want to get more information on the dynamics of sexual assault in later life please email resources@nsvrc.org. If you are new to Twitter and would like to learn more about how to connect with us, visit www.twitter.com to sign-up for an account. To learn the basics about getting started, visit the Twitter Help Center at https://support.twitter.com/.