Violence Against Latin@ Women with Disabilities and Deaf Women: A Cultural Perspective

06/13/2012 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
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Casa de Esperanza
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Heidi Notario-Smull
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Women with disabilities and Deaf women experience violence at greater rates than the general population. Despite this alarming reality, much remains to be done in terms of research and practical interventions to improve the responses of mainstream services' to this problem.  Unfortunately, even less has been done to effectively respond to Latin@ s with disabilities experiencing violence. During this webinar participants will have the opportunity to analyze the intersection of violence and Latin@ survivors with disabilities.  The presenter will 1) provide foundational information on disabilities and Deaf culture, 2) discuss specific aspects of the violence experienced by women with disabilities and Deaf women, 3) analyze the intersection of disability, violence and Latin@s within the U.S. context 4) discuss barriers faced by Latin@ survivors with disabilities and Deaf survivors; 5) provide strategies for effectively respond to  Latin@ survivors with disabilities and Deaf survivors. 

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