Working with the Media to End Child Sexual Abuse

06/07/2012 - 2:00pm
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Ms. Foundation for Women
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Ms. Foundation for Women

Media plays a powerful role in the public and policy leaders understanding of the problem and of potential solutions.  Studies realted to the coverage of child sexual abuse and its prevention from both Berkley Media Studies Group and Frameworks Institute will be discussed along with the implications for prevention strategies.This session is a must see for anyone who is frustrated with the way the media portrays child sexual abuse and wants to know how we can do this differently. Learning Objectives:1. Describe how the media affects perceptions of the problem and solutions2. Describe key points of research on media from BMSG & Frameworks3. Identify three actions organizations can take to integrate strategies identifiedThis web conference is the second in a series of nine web conferences on Ending Child Sexual Abuse that will be offered in 2012. 

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