Using New Student Orientation to Prevent Violence Against Women on College Campuses

03/08/2012 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
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US Department of Education's Higher Education Center
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US Department of Education's Higher Education Center
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As a way to extend its reach and services to institutions of higher education, the Higher Education Center convenes and broadcasts a series of interactive Webinars on current issues in campus alcohol, other drug, and violence (AODV) prevention. The Webinar topics and materials focus on using research-based prevention strategies, as well as current and emerging AODV issues based on the work of leading researchers and practitioners in the field.

The Center’s Webinar series as a whole will represent a coherent “prevention program,” with skills and knowledge based on the Center’s comprehensive approach to AODV prevention. While each interactive Webinar will be an effective, discrete learning opportunity, those who participate in the entire series will gain a toolkit of AODV prevention skills and build their prevention capacity.

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