The Presumption of Guilt: How the Criminal Justice System Inadvertently Re-Traumatizes Victims of Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

02/09/2012 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
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This webinar, co-led by Dave Thomas, as retired police officer and expert in domestic violence, and Lisa Ferentz, a clinical social worker specializing in trauma, will focus on the adverse impact of the Reid technique used by police when interviewing victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.  the impact of chronic trauma on survivors will be discussed and connected to inevitable outcomes in victims' behaviors at the scene of their traumas, in the police station, and in the courtroom.

Participants will learn how these presentations are often misinterpreted by member os the criminal justice system, leading victims to be viewed as deceptive, pressured to recant, or even criminally charged with "False Report." Mental health professionals and advocates will learn how to work with victims and collaborate with the criminal justice system to ensure that victims receive the victim-centered treatment they truly deserve.

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