The Greek Life.


When I got to college the first thing I wanted to do was join a fraternity, so when I got the opportunity to join a fraternity I did. I quickly became best friends with another guy in my fraternity and to say we did everything together would be an understatement. I couldn't imagine having a better bro.Being a part of a fraternity meant that we were required to go to sexual assault education sessions. We would often say we were doing it as a fraternity because we were really passionate, but it kept insurance rates low.One night my best friend and I were in my room with a couple of girls and we all done our fair share of drinking. After a few hours one of the two girls had already left and went home, and as I was slowly passing out on my couch. I woke up to the noise of my friend and the girl he was with making out pretty heavily. I was smart enough to know that they were both way to drunk, and I could hear all those mandatory education sessions ringing in the back of my head saying I should do something, but what? I mean the educators always made saying something sound so easy, but it didn't feel easy. What if I say something and I make him mad, what if this is the end of our "bromance"?I finally swallowed my fears and acted. I got up and went and tapped the girl on the shoulder. At first she didn't pay attention, so I tapped again and said her name. She looked back at me then grabbed her coat and left. My friend just sat there a second, emotionless, then he got up and went back to his room.The next day we had planned on getting up for breakfast together. I didn't know if he was going to show up, but he did. At breakfast we were trying to avoid the conversation. He was the first to talk, all he did was smile and say "thanks for looking out for me last night bro".Intervention doesn't always have to be a hard and heated conversation, sometimes it can be a simple tap on the shoulder.