Unlikely Sexual Assault

New Hampshire

I was on the bus one day, sitting behind an annoying boy and two seats behind a girl, whom the boy was talking to. She was not particularly interested in talked to this boy, but he was not satisfied with leaving her alone. He began poking, tapping, and pulling this girls hair. The girl told him to stop, persistently, but he would not. Although he was not touching her in a sexual way, she did not want to be touched, and I can imagine she felt violated. So I told him to stop, quite loudly, but not in a mean way, and lo and behold he stopped. I think the reason he stopped when I told him to is because he realized that it wasn't just the girl that wanted him to stop. The people surrounding us went into an uproar saying that i was "that girl", and basically making fun of me because I stood up for someone who was being touched, and did not want to be. I may have been made fun of, but that girl wasn't being touched anymore, and the boy realized that what he was doing was not okay.